Welcome to A Man In A Skirt

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, I hope you find some inspiration and perhaps one of my bespoke skirts for your wardrobe?

I’m a man who loves the clothes many women wear. As a child I took to wearing my mothers clothes as a way of comforting myself and escaping a traumatic childhood.

Evolution and life continue and I grew up to become a great many different things but still the question of crossdressing troubled me. In truth I didn’t want to be a transvestite or to be wearing “women’s clothes”, I wanted to fit in and be “normal” but as the song says “I am what I am” and I eventually resolved my desire for feminine dressing.

My concern is this. In it’s deconstruction of the world, post-modernism has done a great deal of harm to how young men and women see themselves and each other. In a totally deconstructed worldview a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man and children who are too young to know the difference are being duped into taking hormones because they are told they need to “Change Sex” something which is literally impossible. What is my response? Trying to reconstruct a healthy world view which empowers the feminine male and the masculine female rather than hormonally castrating and abusing often distressed and autistic spectrum children into narrow stereotypes.

Integral Fashion, Integral Gender seeks to explore and explain the difference between Male/Female, Men/Women and Masculine/Feminine.