Who is A Man In A Skirt

Whom am I? A question I’ve been asking myself for 20 years in meditation and in journalling. My name is Robin, I’m a father of two boys, a stepdad of two more, a brother, a lover, an uncle, a carpenter, a mentor and friend, to some and most recently A Man in a Skirt. I’ve been getting involved with the twin debates on feminism and transgenderism. They are both big ideologies, which simply means ideas and the logic surrounding them. Both are very powerful forces in our rapidly changing world and therefore need scrutiny before blind acceptance. Oh, and I’m a man and I was/am a transvestite, meaning I like to wear women’s clothes. Make of that what you will but it took me 35 years to come to some kind of terms with it. Eventually I arrived at the conclusion that looking like a woman wasn’t for me and I’d rather just wear what I like and look like me!

I’m attempting to present an Integral view on both Fashion and Gender politics as I believe the two are inextricably linked. What has fashion got to do with the politics of feminism and identity? Well I believe fashion and the slow development of style over 100’s of years is the perfect foil to see the development of our social roles as well as the expectations placed on both men and women. We no longer wear togas and we no longer keep slaves, we’ve evolved.
The current trend for deconstructing sartorial gender norms is a reflector and a director of the conversation around sexism and feminism. I hope helping us to see past preconceived ideas and into the humanity of each of us.

Welcome to my humble exploration into the world of culture and style.
A Man in a Skirt.