Integral Fashion 102

What next?
If fashion is about one thing it is about being on trend. What is happening NOW in the world, not just of fashion but in the world as a whole. Fashion’s desire to be current pushes in to the forefront of social change and societal reform. The trendiest people are not just the ones with the newest clothes, the newest ides must also be incorporated.

How does one stay ahead in the fashion stakes? And in the thoughts and ideas stakes? Do you pin all your hopes on one ideology and hope for the best? Or do you look further afield for ever expanding ideas?

This is where Integral comes in. Integral has been described as a theory of theories or a map of maps. All of the evolving world views have built on the preceding ones and as complexity and inclusivity has developed Human societies have become more and more successful. Perhaps even too successful given the limitations of this finite plane. If we are to continue to grow and thrive we cannot leave anyone or anything behind, we move forward together or not at all. And in saying that I don’t mean that we must elevate the Magical tribes people who live in the world today to the same status as the sophisticated city dweller. I mean we must not forget the magical roots of our beings. We must not forget the tribal families which shape and hold us. We must not forget the traditions which sustain community or the science and rationale behind our material existence. Most of all we must not forget to care.

Moving forward instead of back the integral world view holds a mirror up to the world and provides a framework for us to see evolution in fashion. So what does integral fashion look like? I predict a change in the ways we buy and sell clothes. I predict a surge in individuality and people creating there own wardrobe using all the elements of evolution. Either that or we all go naked! Not an option in chilly England so while we still need clothes we still need fashion.

After the deconstruction phase the integral phase will select the best of all world views and form a new fashion. A fashion which denies nothing and embraces everything. A fashion which cares about style, beauty, men, women, and possibly the thing that is missing in our current fashion industry, You.

We are shaped by the exterior forces of evolution and now more than ever our interior individual, is playing a part in shaping and honing the world view of the future. Fashion is no different and as the democratisation of fashion gathers a pace we will see an emergence of individual creativity like never before.

Is A Man in a Skirt, Integral Fashion?