Integral Fashion 101

Integral Fashion is the culmination of 1000’s of years of evolution in the way that human beings have covered, protected and identified themselves with cloth. From the fig leaf to the catwalk we ‘Naked Apes’ have been forced to clothe ourselves. Environmental circumstance as well as our own deep need to express and identify ourselves have played a role in how we dress. Either appropriately or inappropriately.

Using stages of development from the integral framework developed in part by Ken Wilber we can look at the development of fashion and begin to answer the questions, ‘What is fashion, what is it’s purpose and What does Integral Fashion look like?

In the following pages you’ll find my interpretations of the various stages of development of our cultures and the fashions that accompany them.  From Magical to Tribal to Traditional to Modern to Post Modern, fashion is a great way to see the development of culture and technology alongside our developing sense of identity and morality.

One of the first principles of an Integral understanding is an Interior/Exterior view of any given Subject/Object. In developing a sense of integral fashion you will find your very own, interior, style with out relying on, exterior, fashion chains to dictate what you wear. Humans are unique in our acute awareness of our own objectivity and subjectivity so our relationship to ourselves and fashion can deepened.

If you like high street fashions, Integral Fashion will enable you to buy smarter and end up with a better wardrobe. Integral Fashion is good for everyone because as you will see Integral Fashion leaves no corner untouched in the search for a better way to dress.

Welcome then to Integral Fashion with me A Man in a Skirt.